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About Us

Established in 1975, Foggy Mountain Music is a testament to the deep-rooted love of music that resides at 104 West Main Street in Grass Valley, California. The creation of our founder, Mary Ellen Sorci, Foggy Mountain Music is more than just a music store - it's a haven for musicians and music enthusiasts alike.

We offer an extensive range of musical instruments, far beyond what you'd find in standard, mainstream stores. From guitars, drums, and keyboards, to the more eclectic banjos, ukuleles, horns, and harps, we take pride in our diverse collection. Our mission is to cater to every musician's unique taste, hence why we go the extra mile to stock instruments you wouldn't typically find elsewhere.

At Foggy Mountain Music, we're not just about selling instruments - we're about fostering creativity and building lifelong relationships with our customers. We believe in providing personalized service, and helping each individual find the musical equipment that resonates with them. This dedication to customer service, paired with our wide array of merchandise, makes us a home for creativity that our customers cherish for life.

Our roots run deep in the music world. The legacy began with Mary Ellen's mother, Marilyn Doty Sorci, a violin prodigy from San Francisco who graced the stages of Northern Europe for royalty at the tender age of 14. In her later years, Marilyn imparted her violin knowledge at Foggy Mountain Music and performed with a multitude of talented local musicians.

Equally impressive was Mary Ellen's father, Joseph Sorci, who played woodwinds during the big band era in San Francisco. Joseph toured with renowned musicians like Alex Storgal and Tommy Dorsey, further cementing the family's rich musical lineage.


Foggy Mountain Music is the love letter of a family imbued with a profound passion for music, and we extend this passion to each customer who walks through our doors. We invite you to visit us and become a part of our musical family.

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